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Moving giveaway!

Please, read this entire post!

We’re in the middle of moving, so we went through everything.

(The wonder years flag, the last winner did not want)


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  • Please don’t spam the notes on the post, and try to reblog only a couple times a day. I want everyone having a fair chance of winning
  • Winner will be picked with generator
  • Shipping worldwide
  • If the winner only wants certain things, a 2nd winner will be picked
  • Giveaway ends September 5th! 

Giveaway consists of:

  • State Champs tshirt (M)
  • Neck Deep tshirt (M)
  • Real Friends tshirt (M)
  • Glamour Kills tshirt (S)
  • Tonight Alive tshirt (S) 
  • Bring Me The Horizon tshirt (M)
  • Citizen tshirt (S)
  • Warped Tour ‘14 tshirt (M)
  • The Wonder Years flag/banner 

If you do not read the entire post, and the rules, and ask questions that the post already answers, your questions will be unanswered. But don’t hesitate to ask other questions you’re curious about!

- Click here for the last giveaway winner -

Happy reblogging :~)

Last giveaway for awhile guys, enjoy x

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"I don’t like
what I’ve become
and what I am
still becoming.
I feel like everyone’s
falling but
I’m the only one
without a parachute."
m.l.b, parachutes (via traced-veins)

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I usually don’t do rip-off requests but this one’s too good to turn down. Alek with Goku from Dragonball Z. Hardstyle pose.
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DESOLATED x CHUN ONE. Part two.SOLD OUT.Keep ya head up if ya fed up cos part three is coming soon.
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